I know many executives cringe when they look at the cost of turnover of sales people in the organization. Many find it hard to pinpoint the exact cost, they only know it is staggering when you add up all the costs. (If you’re curious about your total cost of hiring mistakes including your cost of recruitment, development and lost business, calculate it here.)

There are two qualities (according to HBR) in every sales person you would like when you decide to hire:

“Empathy and Ego Drive, and there needs to be a good balance of these two qualities.”

– Dr. Herb Green

Dr. Herb Green published the article in HBR back in 1956 and elaborates on the necessity of Empathy and Ego Drive in top sales talent. I agree, but in 2019 we call it Will to Sell and Sales DNA. I want to encourage you to read this article because it addresses very relevant points on why so many executives make sales hiring mistakes.

Here are a couple key points made that we consistently find.

“When the emphasis is placed on experience more so than inner abilities, what is accomplished is the inbreeding of mediocrity.”

– Dr. Herb Green

Another great point is about how so many sales training programs don’t work! And the fact is that they don’t, but typically not because of the trainer or training program. “It is the fact that they were given the impossible task of turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse”. Training can only succeed when “raw material” is present. How are you finding the “raw material” and doing it successfully? Training only succeeds when proper selection has been made on your sales bench.

Interest and aptitude do not equal sales execution!

Contrary to what this article states about the inability to predicatively find “raw material” or top sales talent, we CAN show you with 95% predictive validity! While the research stated in this article is based upon 7,000 salespeople, our statistics and predictive validity are based upon a database of almost 2 million!

If you have ever hired a sales person that didn’t work out the way you expected, based upon how they interviewed, or their industry experience, or if you simply need more new opportunities and business closer’s, I want to personally invite you on June 12th to join a terrific live presentation (just 45 minutes and you’ll learn how to overcome the sales hiring challenges most organizations are facing).


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