“We have been working with Jennifer for many years. She has helped us weed out underachievers and select top sales talent with consistent and immeasurable success. She’s also helped us see the very specific things preventing our existing team from being more effective in finding new opportunities and closing them, as well as the underlying reason that so many have struggled selling value over price. Her training and development with our team has been very specific to the things that we need as opposed to some generic, off-the-shelf sales training. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to up-level their sales team and bottom line results! 

– Alison Beckmeyer, former partner and VP of Sales, MF Cachat (now IMCD US)

The high producer sales playbook

What is the Playbook About:


Be ready to stop hiring non-producers and start hiring High-Producing Salespeople with 95% Predictive Validity!



Have the sales intelligence to make the right decisions about your existing team with 95% Predictive Validity. Get X-ray vision on what is really preventing your team from consistent execution and results!

Team Evaluation


Stop the traditional sales training that doesn’t work & turn your team into high producers!

Create a world class championship sales team and increase revenue.


  • I’m finding it more and more difficult to attract top sales talent that really does produce.
  • I’m tired of the headaches after a mis-hire.
  • I realize the cost of hiring a non-producer and need to figure this out NOW!
  • I don’t understand how I hire industry veterans who don’t end up producing!


  • I cannot seem to get consistent results across the team.
  • I’m really tired of salespeople telling me they can only win the business if we have a lower price.
  • I feel like there aren’t enough opportunities and the ones we have are hanging in the pipeline too long.
  • I’m not sure why I can’t get salespeople who can do the job to actually do it.


  • I know there are skills we need to develop but I’m not sure what they are.
  • I don’t understand why we get such mixed results from salesperson to salesperson.
  • I have done sales training regularly with my team and don’t see any results.
  • I have veteran salespeople who are resistant to training.

I implemented the High Producer Hiring Process my first month of taking on a new VP of Sales role. My first hire using the process was in February. We were looking for a strong hunter that would bring new logos to our business and get the opportunities closed. The new hire did not have specific industry experience but did have the attributes we were looking for in our specific sales profile. At our company awards banquet in December of the same year, the CEO awarded Salesperson of the Year to this new hire for the most new logos and closed business! Every new hire we make will follow this process! It works!

— JR, Technology Industry

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Clients who get the most from The High-Producer Sales Playbook are looking to create a stronger sales bench and make their number. They are tired of sales mis-hires and are motivated to find top talent that will produce. And, they are often equally motivated to find the hidden keys to making the right decisions about the team they have and the sales results they need.

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