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Testimonial: Randy Myers, Sr. Account Executive with Dewpoint

There are five key questions that every CEO or executive sales leader should ask before investing in a sales training program:

1. Why?
2. Can we be more effective?
3. How much more effective can we be?
4. What will it take to accomplish that?
5. How long will it take to accomplish that?

Our High-Producer Sales and Sales Management training not only provides the answers to these questions; it is 100% customized based upon the answers and the exact needs of your organization.

The quality of your customer connections plus the quality of your sales conversations will lead to the quantity of your sales conversions! When your team is not winning business it means the competition either had a better quality connection and or better quality conversations.

We can increase your team’s effectiveness in creating better quality connections and in having better quality sales conversations! We offer on-site, virtual and cloud-based training.

Specific areas of focus include:

Sales Competencies

  • Consultative Selling
  • Value Selling
  • Listening
  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying
  • Overcoming Objections with Stories
  • Compelling Reasons to Buy
  • Building Quality Relationships
  • Price/Margin Conversations
  • Corporate Messaging
  • Optimizing the Sales Cycle
  • Powerful Sales Process
  • Reaching Decision Makers
  • Sales Posturing
  • Presentation Approach
  • Negotiation
  • Eliminating Put-offs
  • Behavioral Mirroring
  • Account Farming
  • Eliminating Put-offs
  • Strategic Conversations That Convert

Sales DNA

Internal strengths and weaknesses can either support or negatively affect a salesperson’s ability to execute. Focusing solely on skills is remiss in that internal weaknesses will trump sales competencies.

Think about Tiger Woods, world renown in golf. When he was in a slump, it wasn’t because he lacked skills. It was predominantly because of what was going on in the inside.

The same goes for sales.

We help sales people overcome the internal weaknesses that situationally sabotage their selling skills in the following areas:


  • Need to be liked or need for approval
  • Price/Budget/Money Issues
  • Personal Buying Habits That Negatively Impact Sales
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Non-Supportive Beliefs

Sales Management

Our sales management training focuses on 5 ESSENTIAL areas for effective leadership:


  • Coaching
  • Motivating
  • Accountability
  • Recruiting
  • Growth and Results

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