Increase Your Sales Conversions
Dramatically This Year

Discover the system for having sales conversations that convert without being salesy or pushy and start helping more ideal clients or customers.

Are too many of your free consultations
a dead end?

Turn your conversations and free consultations into comfortable and predictable sales.

The same system we teach to $50M+ companies – now for coaches, consultants and small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow.

Sales is your lifeline in business. And you’ve got to have one-to-one conversations to convert high-ticket sales. But if your free conversations are not converting into new business, you are wasting your best resources… your time, energy, and excitement.

You’ve been playing your game, satisfied with converting one in five.

What would your life look like if you were converting
THREE OR four out of five?

Learn how to have a strategic sales conversation that converts time and time again and help more people with your gifts at the price you deserve!

Join renowned sales expert, Jennifer Hines, and other like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches, and consultants who are all committed to achieving a new level of success!

If you’re spending too much time in sales conversations that aren’t generating more new business for you, it’s time to get out of that rut.

  • If you are tired of having discovery sessions that don’t turn into sales
  • If you feel your stomach turn when it’s time to close and want this to feel invisible
  • If you have a hard time selling you and your value
  • If you want more sales in less time
  • If you want more leads saying yes instead of they’ll think about it
  • If you are tired of feeling like you have to justify or discount your price to win the business

Get past your fear and learn the system that works over and over again.

  • Find the five hidden weaknesses that are at the root of every entrepreneur’s struggle
  • Explore what’s keeping you trapped in your current level of success (hint: Jennifer can help you find it and conquer it!)
  • Find out why you need to work on conquering your head game before any sales training will be effective
  • Learn about your personal sales effectiveness and develop your specific growth areas and a personalized strategic conversation for your business
  • Create more impact doing the work you’re committed to doing for the world
  • Stop struggling financially! Create the income you need to enjoy your life, instead of constantly keeping up with expenses.

Strategic Conversations
that Convert

Overcome Sales Blocks – Learn the system to convert one-to-one conversations.

After this training you will:

  • Have the confidence to close more sales
  • Have a built-in customized script for yourself that will become your sales conversation
  • Understand why you’ve felt so uncomfortable selling yourself or your product and how to overcome it
  • Close more business and eliminate the free sessions that are dead ends

6 Week Live Training – Retail Value: $2997

Like it or not, your business and your income depend on your ability to sell what you do. You will know how to conduct an effective and invisible conversation that converts to revenue for YOUR business by the end of this training. It is a process that you get to use over and over! Note: all sessions will be recorded for future access or in the event that you cannot attend a session live.

Bonus #1 – Sales Evaluation Assessment (Value: $500)

Learn EXACTLY what is holding you back in sales! I can almost guarantee that it is deeper than just your skill level. There are five hidden weaknesses that sabotage you in a sales conversation/strategy session WITHOUT you even realizing it. You’ll learn which of the five you have and degree to which they affect you! You’ll learn your overall WILL to sell. As we know, there is a big difference between what we CAN do and what we WILL do. I’ll help you uncover these critical elements in your Sales DNA. This is literally like having (scientific) x-ray vision into what has personally been holding you back, and it’s 95% predictive and accurate.

Bonus #2 – One-One Personal Coaching Session/Evaluation Debrief (Value: $1000)

I will personally take you through your results and help you understand the story it’s telling you. I will help you identify the most important findings that you need to focus on and what you can do to overcome your personal selling “anchors”! It’s YOUR hour so I will answer any questions you have during our time!

Total Retail Value: $4497

Your Investment: $2997

How to register: click “Apply Now” and you’ll be asked to fill in a few questions about your business. This course is open to coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and small businesses who use one-to-one conversations to sell their products, fill their programs or sell high ticket.

“I massively increased my conversion rate…because I have a coach and a mentor who gets the psychology of people.”

– Jonathan Christian, Owner
We Make Stuff Happen Digital Agency

Your Instructor

Jennifer Hines is known in business as the High-Producer Sales Expert. She has been helping growth companies attract, hire and develop high producers with a proven system that has 95% predictive validity, and she has a proven track record for founding and growing her previous sales company from zero to over $100M in annual sales. She is an entrepreneur and has grown her own company using the process she will teach you!

Everything she has learned working with major names in business, she uses in teaching coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs. Work with Jennifer to get the keys to consistent selling so you can do the work you love.

Join us Live Online, or Catch the Recorded Classes

Here’s What We Cover

Conquer Your Head Game

There are 5 hidden weaknesses that sabotage you in a sales conversation without even knowing it! You will learn which of the five you are most vulnerable to and what you can do about it. This session will literally expose why you have a difficult time presenting your price and overcoming price objections. It will expose your vulnerability to “think it overs” and how to eliminate this common problem. We will also expose the limiting beliefs that are holding you and your business from realizing your full potential.

The Art of Asking
GREAT Questions

Questions are your friend in Conversations that Convert, but all questions are not created equal. You’ll learn the difference and apply it directly to your business so you have a “go to list” you can always depend on. You’ll learn why some questions are irritating and make you sound salesy and how to overcome this. You’ll also learn how to reverse engineer the benefits of buying your product or service into compelling and leading questions that result in yes!

Listen to Understand

Listening skills are the #1 most important skill in converting conversations. Active listening is a learned skill, and you’ll discover the 6 keys to effective listening. You’ll also learn how to listen for context and content, seeking to understand your buyer’s real motivation to buy.

Move from Interest to Action

How many “interested” prospects have you engaged? People can stay interested in something for a VERY long time without taking action. There is one critical element missing in sales conversations that keeps people interested but not taking action. You’ll learn what this is and the two components you must incorporate in order to move your prospect to taking action. We will explore exactly how this works within the “sales ladder”.

Compell and Sell

You must know how to get to the compelling reasons that make people want to buy from you. You’ll learn the technique for doing this and just how important it is in getting to yes. I will teach you the 5 most action-oriented words to get more yeses, and the types of words you need to stop using immediately in your sales conversations and presentations.


Not only does Jennifer teach you the art of selling, she does it in such a way that feels fantastic. I never thought I would say this about selling, and yet she makes sure that everything you do in the process aligns to your core values and feels authentic. I feel like I have solved a big puzzle that was nagging at me and this new process has not only paid off financially, it has made me feel powerful and confident as a business woman.

– Farnoosh Brock, Author, Speaker and Coach

MY BUSINESS HAS SEEN A 400% Return on investment

I honestly can’t believe how much Jennifer has helped me and my business. The amount of times I’ve had an a-ha moment with Jennifer with her business strategies, business forecasting and ‘next level’ business insights still astounds me. Jennifer quickly helped me develop another part of my business that has seen a 400% Return on Investment, and is looking to add another $50,000 – $$80,000 per year to my top line.

So, if you’re in business, offline and/or online, I would seriously have a conversation with her.

P.S. This is my own testimonial and I do not receive a referral fee of any kind.

– Steven Aichison, Founder, Your Digital Formula

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Become an Expert at Strategic Conversations that Convert


6 Week Live Training – Retail Value: $2997

Bonus #1 – Sales Evaluation Assessment (Value: $500)

Bonus #2 – One-One Personal Coaching Session/Evaluation Debrief (Value: $1000)

Total Retail Value: $4497

Your Investment: $2997

There is a short application form requested of each participant. This is to ensure each person is a great fit for the course as well as the group composition. If you are accepted, you will be sent a link for payment after our call.