The High Producer Sales Playbook

Are you tired of the headaches you have after a mis-hire?

Do you wish you could count on your sales team to consistently produce the results needed to hit your goals?

Imagine having hiring X-ray vision to easily see the high-producers from the non-producers and having x-ray vision to know what is preventing your current team from getting the results you need. 

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Is this you?

  • I’m finding it more and more difficult to attract top sales talent that really does produce.
  • I’m tired of the headaches after a mis-hire.
  • I realize the cost of hiring a non-producer and need to figure this out NOW!
  • I don’t understand how I hire industry veterans who don’t end up producing!


Get X-ray vision for what is really preventing your team from consistent results!

Is this you?

  • I cannot seem to get consistent results across the team.
  • I’m really tired of salespeople telling me they can only win the business if we have a lower price.
  • I feel like there aren’t enough opportunities and the ones we have are hanging in the pipeline too long.
  • I’m not sure why I can’t get salespeople who can do the job to actually do it.


Stop the traditional sales training that doesn’t work & turn your team into high producers!

Is this you?

  • I know there are skills we need to develop but I’m not sure what they are.
  • I don’t understand why we get such mixed results from salesperson to salesperson.
  • I have done sales training regularly with my team and don’t see any results.
  • I have veteran salespeople who are resistant to training.