To Grow Sales – Invest in your Number One Asset

by Jennifer Hines on January 23, 2012

I talk to many CEO’s and presidents who are frustrated that their revenue is not growing as quickly as it should. Think about this…what is preventing you from driving more top-line revenue as quickly as you should?

Here are five factors that I find are most often contributing to this:

  1. Not enough prospecting for new business
  2. Difficulty hiring top sales talent
  3. Too many salespeople wearing “happy ears” and believe everything they’re told
  4. Lack of accountability
  5. Delayed closings and not enough new business to make up for it

The problem is that these issues typically aren’t identified and diagnosed soon enough. And, to further compound this, also consider what your sales manager may or may not be doing that can be sabotaging your results.  Are they motivating, coaching and developing your sales team to do their personal best or are they spending too much time trying to close business themselves?  In my experience, I have found that a good majority of sales managers earned their position by being successful salespeople. Did you ever consider, however, that the skills and behaviors of a great salesperson are not the same that make for a great sales manager?

As a sales leader it’s your responsibility to help your sales team identify the compelling reasons which will result in “their personal best”. Proactive motivation on your part is absolutely required. There is a terrific scene in “Facing the Giants”. Watch this and have everyone on your sales team watch it! In it the coach demands and gets “the best” from one of his players. What is really awesome is his strategy for doing this.

What would 2012 look like if you had every salesperson contributing their personal best?

With the continued weak economy, globalization, the internet, and the need for a successful sales approach and process, the world of selling has changed. Unfortunately, most companies are still trying to compete and sell the way they always have and hope that they will increase sales in the coming year.  What worked 5 years ago doesn’t work today, and it certainly won’t work in the future.

Most companies don’t blink an eye investing in new technology or other assets. If you are looking to grow your revenue more quickly than you did last year, invest in your number one asset: your sales machine.

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