Leadership Drives Results

by Jennifer Hines on January 23, 2012

According to John Maxwell, renowned speaker and author, the “Law of the Lid” essentially says that no business can rise above the level of its leadership. Think about the last time you worked for someone you didn’t respect. How much influence did they really have in your world and how eager were you to follow them? Well, if you’re thinking about the last time, chances are you’ve moved on by now. The point –  people typically don’t quit jobs, they quit people!

In working with a lot of very successful leaders, I find one common theme. Most haven’t been taught leadership. They’ve learned by trial and error and by applying what worked somewhere else. And while some of these things may be working, many are not.

I have a client who is the CEO of a very successful, multi-office law firm. We recently completed a two day leadership retreat with his seven managing partners. Here’s what he communicated to his team. “I’ve been in a leadership position for more than 25 years, and I’ve learned more about true leadership and how to execute it in the last eight months with Jennifer than I have in the last 25 years combined”!

I’m not sharing this to impress you. I’m sharing it to impress upon you that it’s what you possibly don’t know that you don’t know that’s undermining your ability to get top performance and results from your team.

Here are 7 things that my client has learned and implemented so far:

  1. Communicate and connect with clarity
  2. Align your team in vision, purpose and goals
  3. Give regular feedback
  4. Have meeting rhythms
  5. Hold people accountable
  6. Develop the team – raise future leaders
  7. Talent isn’t enough – attitude plus aptitude = STAR performers!

If you aren’t happy with the performance of your team, is the “Law of the Lid” possibly keeping you from the results you desire? Remember, leadership equals influence, and influence equals leadership! It starts with YOU!

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